WALKERA Ladybird FPV DEVO F4 RC Helicopter Review


WALKERA QR LADY BIRD is a quad rotor electric radio DEVO F4 equipped with a system of "FPV flight."

Released in July 2012, this device was designed for fun and for fun. Evidenced by his appearance!

Small craft 8.5cm between rotor axis, its use is intended for indoor and gym (indoor) and without wind, his flight skills are outstanding and really fun to visit.

This set is even more fun, the machines originally equipped with an HD camera and a transmitter image return to the radio. So you can see on the screen of your radio what the movie camera and real-time control without looking at the Ladybird. You can also connect the radio specific glasses FPV flight, or by simply plugging the cable radio on another big screen (such as your TV, for example).

To appeal, the QR has all the latest technology such as Gyro Walkera 3-axis, and the engines are 7mm coreless and show a much greater power than it seems.

This device can make 3D as loops, flips, rolls and more of ... Planned for the interior, skills in a light wind is surprising and you can use it outside without too much difficulty.

  • Dimensions: 100 * 100 * 34mm
  • Flight: indoor and outdoor without wind
  • WALKERA Quad Quad Lady Bird V2 2.4Ghz
  • Radio: DEVO F4 TX5805
  • Engine: 0720RN57A-9M 130NL52 X 4
  • Receivers: RX-2643H-D
  • Li-Po 3.7V 240mAh
  • Li-Po battery charger on USB
  • OFFERED: A GAME OF 4 BLADES (two oranges and two black)

KDS 550 V2 Helicopter Review

  • Description:
For over a year, the manufacturer KDS prepares us "large models" and here, finally arrived home!

Of this total 550 "super combo" everything is there except the radio / receiver and battery / charger sets.

The body of the helicopter rotors is made only carbon and aluminum high quality; sophisticated systems of double bearings were selected for fixing the main rotor. The aluminum reinforcement in one piece is designed for strength, amazing ease of assembly and dis-assembly.

KDS really spoiled us design level, a glance can understand that the quality and finish are at the rendezvous. The desire is clear, make products intended for competition without compromise ... The results are already starting to fall!

Following the release of this machine KDS wanted to move to a competition version with a series of improvements to use purely 3D hard. These changes were made in order to be able to place these machines on the catwalks of the most prestigious competitions.
Length: 1120mm
Height: 365mm
Main blades: 550mm
Bladed tail rotor: 95mm
Sprocket: 14T
Main gear: 150T
Crown anti-torque: 42T
Anti-torque gear: 9T
Ratio: 10.7: 1: 4.6
Weight without engine: 1650g
Box Size: 730 X 230 X 110
3 axis gyro module: KDS EBAR
KDS N680 digital servo x 3
KDS N690 digital servo tail x 1
Main blades: 550mm carbon
Bladed tail rotor: 95mm
Bubble MASKPRO fiber painted
Full head TDT
Main short axis
Crown A / C aluminum
foot blades A / C with double support
Hub A / C with reinforced fixing


Yes, this is not a helicopter, but these planes were so well made that we have not been able to resist the urge to offer them.

The company gives us the KDS helicopter with which our customers are happy, we will do the same with these planes!

All models are made of balsa wood with laser cutting, fabric covered and decorated original. The design was made by professionals for extreme use in pure 3D. The materials are lightweight but very rigid structures, possible deflections delight the most demanding. All cables are already installed (with pen systems) as well as the horns, the front is fiberglass molded in one piece, the tank (through a thermal mounting, then the firewall as). The wings are removable carbon use is for everything is possible ...

In short, very high-end machines for extremely placed price (always with shipping available)

PARROT AR DRONE 2.0 RC Helicopter Reviews

  • CAMERA HD 720p
AR. Drone 2.0 is now equipped with a high-definition front camera that will allow drivers to better see that. 2.0 AR Drone sees just as if they were in the pilot's seat.

Download free AR.FreeFlight 2.0 application (available on the App Store and Android Market) and take control of the AR.Drone 2.0 in a fraction of a second. The user-friendly controller integrated into the live video streaming by AR. Drone 2.0 has its WiFi network self-generated.

System self-stabilizing version of the AR.Drone 2.0 can ensure the high quality image, inside and outside, even in windy conditions lightweight.

Whether on a smartphone or iPad, users will see a much cleaner and clear right sky.
  • Save and share
AR.FreeFlight 2.0 also lets you video recording, in addition to its control function the AR. Drone 2.0.

Simply press the record button to start and stop recording, you can view your explorations upon landing, without cables, without SD card without a PC needed ... Everything has been sorted and sent to your smartphone / tablet so you can watch your work immediately.

For users wanting to get a large amount of video without using their smartphone / tablet of memory, a USB port is inside the AR.Drone 2.0 for easy USB recording.

Shoot as much as you want and easily share on YouTube or Picasa when you are finished with options for sharing the integrated application. In one click and within seconds you are sure that everyone will come to see your performance!

A single movement, available exclusively for acrobatics AR. Drone 2.0!

Press a button and run this awesome barrel in flight. Navigation system embedded version 2.0 AR.Drone automatically so that any new driver can take advantage of this new movement!

  • Absolute control CONTROL MODE
A new steering mode and exclusive patented Parrot only for version 2.0 of the AR.Drone.

Absolute control steering will make life easier all beginners using only your peripheral position as a reference point. The result is simple: whatever the direction of the front of your AR.Drone 2.0, you will just tilt your smartphone in a direction to see the AR.Drone 2.0 to fly it.

This absolutely unique driving mode is set to become a revolution for flying devices. Pilot Any beginner can now become an expert in 5 minutes flat.

  • Faster
AR. Drone 2.0 provides stability through its unique onboard sensors and navigation system.

Unsolicited any movement by the driver will be automatically corrected by the AR. Drone 2.0 to maintain a position perfectly still in the air without any control on your part.

You can also put it in sales of 15 km / h without moving an inch until you decide to move!

Thanks to its new sensors pressure AR. Drone 2.0 give this automatic stability even further by ensuring that it remains stable regardless of the altitude.

You will have no excuse not to try your stuff most daring pilots in the air !
  1. Camera HD 720p 30fps 
  2. Angle lens: 92 degrees diagonal 
  3. H264 base profile encoding 
  4. Broadcast low-latency 
  5. Video from storage on the fly with a remote device or USB 2.0 Flash 
  6. Photo JPEG capture (720p)
  1. 3 cell 1000 mAh LiPo battery rechargeable
  2. Pitch propeller for high maneuverability
  3. 4 Inrunner brushless motors with micro bearing and rare earth magnets balls, 14.5 watts and 28,500 rpm hovering
  4. Bearings self-lubricating bronze trees Hardened own
  5. Low Noise Gear Nylatron 8,625 propeller shafts
  6. OF emergency software controlled stop
  7. Motor controller fully reprogrammable
  8. Water resistant electronic engine control
  9. Foam to isolate the vibration of the center of inertia motor
  10. Shell PPE
  11. Tubes carbon fiber outer shell with 380g, 420g with inside hull
  12. High grade 30% nylon fibers loaded plastic parts
  13. Liquid repellent nano-coating on the ultrasonic sensors
  14. Fully serviceable: All parts and instructions for repair are available on the Parrot website
  1. 16Hz 32-bit ARM Cortex A8 800MHz processor with DSP video TMS320DMC64x
  2. 16bit DDR2 200MHz RAM
  3. April 8 MIPS CPU by a motor controller
  4. Wi-Fi b / g / n
  5. 3-axis accelerometer + / - 50 mg precision
  6. 3-axis gyroscope 2000 degrees / second precision
  7. Pressure sensor + / - 10 Pa precision (80cm / 2.6 ft to sea level)
  8. 60 fps QVGA camera vertical for measuring the ground speed
  9. Three axis magnetometer 6 degree of precision
  10. Ultrasonic sensors for measuring the altitude of the ground
  11. Linux 2.6.32